Sheila is a registered nurse and at the same time, a stewardess of a very prominent airline, Pan Am World Airline. While on a trip to Istanbul, she is introduced to a Turkish professor by a family friend. He is charming, handsome, well-educated, well-travelled, and she loses her heart to him. After an exciting year of meeting each other while she continues flying, they decide to marry secretly at Sheila’s Yorkshire, England home and move to Istanbul to live with his parents while their apartment is completed.

To her surprise however, his cosmopolitan personality is replaced by the suspicious, paranoid behavior common among his peers. Sheila, an adventurous, outgoing person is now confined to his mother’s house unless accompanied by a family member and all correspondence must be approved by him.

Through Her Eyes: An Infidel’s Perspective recounts Sheila’s adventures over the next two years leading to her divorce and escape from Turkey with their son, dressed as a girl. 

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